Account Management

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Account Management

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We always answer the phone.  We act and react as if you’re our only customer. We think that’s what great partners do.   

  • Dedicated Account Management: We immediately respond to your calls and act and react as if you’re our only customer. You can depend on our consistent reporting and proactive business management.
  • Monthly Account Reviews: We’ll talk with you every month to review metrics, marketing and product planning.
  • Detail Page Monitoring: As Brand Registry managers, we’ll provide continuous detail page monitoring and adherence to make sure the information is accurate and that other sellers haven’t made changes, reduced prices or set up competing detail pages.
  • Inventory Management: We’ll help keep costs down via weekly reporting and replenishment. These actions will prevent stock shortages and ensure that extra inventory isn’t sitting idly in a warehouse.
  • Rapid Consumer Response: KIKWIT monitors and answers buyer queries on your products and will respond quickly to low product reviews. Occasionally we recommend updates to product detail pages based on feedback we collect, and we’ll provide product review data monthly.
  • Logistics: Your entire inventory resides in an Amazon warehouse, and we’ll find the most efficient method to transport those products to Amazon so that they’re quickly ready for sale.


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    “KIKWIT is a dynamic and effective retail partner.
    When working with KIKWIT you can expect an exceptional level 
    of commitment on all levels: Day to day communication, reports, marketing and more. Their strong relationship with both and vendor partners has made KIKWIT a true leader in the Amazon merchant marketplace.”
    – Campbell Associates