Amazon 101

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Amazon 101

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KIKWIT has been an experienced seller on Amazon for the past seven years. Here are some keys to being successful on

  • Know Who Is Buying Your Products:  This will aid in targeting the right audience for your products. Amazon search and browse tools are effective when they’re aimed at the appropriate target market.
  • Continue To Innovate Or Differentiate:  With so many options on Amazon, the more product differentiation and innovation that you can implement, the more your products will stand out.
  • Adapt Feedback From Customers:  Be vigilant about what buyers are saying about your products. Customers give you the best insights into how improve products and drive sales.
  • Work with one reputable seller of your products. More Sellers do not equal more sales.
  • Manage Your Channel: Control your product distribution, or risk an unlimited number of sellers who don’t care about your brand or your pricing.


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“Partnering with KIKWIT to exclusively manage our Amazon sales was one of the best business decisions we’ve made. By cutting out more than 20 peripheral sellers, we were able to gain control of our pricing, product listings, and brand presence online.”
– YouCopia