Brand Management

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Brand Management

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From content pages and photography to price adherence and refined optimization, we’ll handle all the details to help boost your sales and make your brand stand apart from the competition.

  • Your Brand, Your Narrative: We’ll work with you to develop and write content pages that highlight your products’ features and benefits, and will effectively tell your brand’s story.
  • Photography: Clear and sharp images help sell goods. Provide your own product photography, or we’ll professionally shoot and edit product and lifestyle photos to meet Amazon’s recommended standards.
  • Price Adherence: Unlike many other sellers, we mean it when we say we’ll adhere to your pricing guidelines, and we provide you with regular reporting to prove it.
  • Amazon Brand Registry: Brand Registry, a service that Amazon grants to select sellers including Mt. Baker, allows us to register vendor brands in order to manage all detail page content so that other sellers cannot change content.
  • Complete Product Line: Mt. Baker lists 100 percent of your products and shows consumers your entire brand offering, whereas many other sellers will only carry your high-velocity items.
  • Refined Optimization: Amazon provides several tools that enable your product to be found when searched. Mt. Baker uses all search, browsing and optimization tools available and refines the parameters as market conditions change.

Here are a few of the brands we represent. Click logo to view brand website.

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“Partnering with Mt Baker Mercantile to exclusively manage our Amazon sales was one of the best business decisions we’ve made.
By cutting out more than 20 peripheral sellers, we were able to gain control of our pricing, product listings, and brand presence online. 
– YouCopia