Enhanced Services

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Enhanced Services

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KIKWIT works closely with Amazon to take advantage of all the marketing tools Amazon provides to proven sellers to increase sales and visibility of your products and brand. These enhanced services are available to sellers that care about building their brand on Amazon.

We work closely with our assigned Amazon Account and Technical managers to ensure you’ll have every opportunity to take advantage of Amazon’s marketing tools and services.

  • Amazon Sponsored Ads are keyword-targeted ads that match customer search terms. KIKWIT uses sponsored ads for new product launches to build brand awareness. Additionally, KIKWIT provides conversion data reports to measure the success of your campaign.
  • Amazon’s Promotional Calendar offers many opportunities to showcase your products with Lightning Deals, Prime Day Deals, Holiday and Promotional Gift Guides throughout the year. KIKWIT works closely with Amazon to match opportunities to available campaigns.
  • Video: Impactful video helps to sell products. KIKWIT is authorized to add video on your product pages.
  • A+ Detail Pages: These content-rich pages give customers additional information about your product and increase sales by an average of 9 percent.
  • Brand Registry: KIKWIT is a brand manager for all of the brands we carry. Brand Registry gives us control of content pages so that other sellers cannot change them.
  • Review Builder Program: Good product reviews are vital to the success of products on Amazon. They help to increase product sales rank, searchability and buy box percentage. KIKWIT’s Review Builder program helps to get customer feedback on your detail page as soon as you start selling.

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Mike Davidson and his responsive team have a “can-do” attitude with important relationships at Amazon that have resulted in a YouCopia Brand Page, A+ Content including video, better customer service and higher product reviews and ratings. Most importantly, two years into working with Mt Baker, our Amazon sales have increased 125% (more than doubled) and continue to grow.”

– YouCopia