International Sellers

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International Sellers

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KIKWIT works with many international companies that want to take advantage of the tens of millions of Prime members on U.S., but are concerned about the logistics and cost of bringing products into the U.S.

  • Build Your Brand In The U.S.: KIKWIT provides all of the services to build your brand in the U.S. We’ll work with you to select the right products, set them up in Amazon, and measure their progress.
  • Build Your Presence On Amazon: Once your products are in the U.S., KIKWIT will build your presence on Amazon and you’ll also have the opportunity to expand your reach in other sales channels in the U.S. Amazon is the perfect place to start building your brand, building sales and building your U.S. presence.

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“We were not interested in selling on Amazon because we were concerned about pricing issues and how to best drive our brand in an online market that was difficult to control. 

However, at a trade show in Germany, Mt Baker explained how they were different from other Amazon sellers and we gave them a try with 10 products.

Five years later, Mt Baker represents 500 products for Redecker.  Our partnership has extended beyond work related matters. I can truly say that I would love to have a company such as KIKWIT in every country in the world.”
Versmold Germany